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    Produce a Cygnus Character and level it up . When night of Cygnus is educated as level 150, 30 attack is provided by Empress's Blessing to all or any figures. Mihile (Special Cygnus Dark night) are only able to supply as much as 24 weapons/magic strike to some or all other characters EXCEPT itself by degree 120 via level 24 Empress Blessing.

    Create an Explorer/Adventurer Character and level up it . Adventurer/Explorer figures grant Blessing in the Fairy (passive ability in Beginner Skill Window) to some or the other figures within your accounts besides themselves. The Blessing in the Fairy supplies 1 Precision & Avoidability, 1 MAG ATK, and 1 ATK Power for each 10 level increment from the Explorer classas much as level 200.

    Create characters which have Link Skills. You have to create figures that possess link skills and level up to Level 70. Link individuals skills which you mean to achieve levels at the shortest period of time to Degree 200. For those who have free time, level individuals figures up to Level 100 to enhance the hyperlink Skill to Level 2 that provides additional benefit. Use people link skills that will allow you to gain levels people figures before linking to your character, if you are intending to create these!

    You may request which 1 to produce original, well, I list the most vital one's initial: Mercedes ( 10% EXP), Cannoneer ( 25 All Stats and 10 percent Max HP MP), Kanna ( 10% harm ), Ghost ( 15% Critical Rate). For additional info on which jobs possess link abilities, visit MapleStory Link Skill Guide. Produce 3 decks of Character Cards with your characters! Basically, by mixing 3 personality cards to achieve MaplestoryM Mesos bonuses you have to produce a pack of cards.

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