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    Something that works for RS gold Korean doesnt mean it'll work for American. In case Nexon America can develop its own play style that match NA/EU players, MS nevertheless have big abilities to obtain new players.Since bonus stats aren't our thing, and they works the exact same way, why wages give us Pure CSS rather than only normal, our variant CSS.

    Beside those topics there's another issue that's if you played marvel machine last week and you did not log into the game get your MVP points, then you will never get them. EX: '' I redeemed my prepay card website, did not log into the game to get my MVP points, play marvel machine, log back in the game, visit money shop, no MVP points for me. (I actually dont care those MVP points why I completely forgot that the issue at the first place).

    I know Neo only operating the discussion, but he can pass the message/ideas/complains to the section that could address the matter. Also, according Blizzard sued among the site that is hacking, I believe Nexon's lawyer could do something.As an older player, who has been playing MapleStory for more than 8 years, I truly hope MapleStory is going to OSRS gold have a good future and to observe how can Nexon bring us more surprise,'' I would like to play this game with my grandchild.

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