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    August 9, 2018 9:35 PM PDT

    BRASILIA kyrie 2 huarache pas cher , June 9 (Xinhua) -- A key Brazilian judge on Friday backed a ruling that could strip Brazilian President Michel Temer of his presidency.


    Judge Herman Benjamin, the special rapporteur on the case being heard by the Supreme Electoral Court, voted to annul the outcome of the 2014 general elections that brought Dilma Rousseff and her running mate Temer to power, due to revelations of illegal campaign financing.


    The remaining six judges of the top electoral court are set to vote later in the day in a trial that will determine whether Rousseff and Temer abused political and economic power in the campaign.


    Both Rousseff and Temer have denied the charges. Rousseff was impeached last year on unrelated accusations, and was succeeded by Temer kyrie 2 gold medal pas cher , who was largely responsible for the process which resulted in Rousseff's deposition.


    Benjamin said sufficient evidence exists to invalidate the electoral outcome, and presented emails, testimony, bank records and other proof linking the winning political parties to corporate interests that made secret campaign contributions.


    Should the court's decision go against Temer, the president could still appeal the ruling.


    The trial kyrie 2 flyknit pas cher , the first of its kind in Brazil, entered its final phase and is likely to conclude later in the day.


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    By Oliver Trust


    BERLIN, June 14 (Xinhua) -- Cars are one of the big loves of Roger Federer, the 18-time Grand Slam winner. He is enthralled by the technology and the freedom he gets from sitting behind the steering wheel. At the majority of tournaments, the 35-year-old Swiss tennis great pilots himself and his family around in a Mercedes. When driving kyrie 2 easter pas cher , Federer is even more relaxed than normal.


    In a recent Xinhua interview, Federer talked about his new hair style, family, and his goal of winning this year's Wimbledon, his dream to regain the No. 1 spot and why the Shanghai tournament is one of his favorites.


    The interview was naturally conducted driving around the German city of Stuttgart kyrie 2 champion pas cher , the home of Mercedes-Benz, where the father of four is starting his grass court campaign at the Mercedes Cup.


    Xinhua: Roger, let's talk about this week's biggest taking point.


    Federer: I'm all ears.


    Xinhua: You've got a new hair-cut and fans around the globe are talking about it rather than your first tournament for 10 weeks.


    Federer: That's right, hey it's nice and short for summer.


    Xinhua: For some, your new hair-cut indicates a new life.


    Federer: Well it comes pretty close (laughing). It hasn't been this short for the last 20 years.


    Xinhua: Why now kyrie 1 usa pas cher , any special reason?


    Federer: It either has to be short or long. Nothing in between makes sense to me. It's much easier with short hair. With medium length hair, you always have to watch what you hair is doing ... and ... to be honest, my wife likes shorter hair.


    Xinhua: What about you?


    Federer: I like it longer. But I'm optimistic it'll grow again. To be honest, I can't wait to see it grow.


    Xinhua: Talking about new strategies in life - isn't it time the ITF (the International Tennis Federation) started to think about introducing tournaments for under 30s? You've just won the Australian Open at the age of 35 and the 31-year-old Raphael Nadal has followed up by claiming the French Open. Today's youngsters have no chance of winning a major tournament.


    Federer: It looks like it'd be a good idea. Seriously though, the older generation like myself or Nadal has developed an extremely professional approach when it comes to our bodies. It's all about fitness kyrie 1 uncle drew pas cher , food, sleep and physiotherapy in that case. Years ago, you'd practice for four hours and then meet up with the rest of the guys at the bar to relax.


    Xinhua: Sounds like you miss the bar?


    Federer: Things have changed but I liked the, let's say, less professional life we players were much like a big family. Friendships between the players could develop more easily as you spent more time together. Today you travel around the world with a big team. We're still friends and you spend more time with your team than your fellow players.


    Xinhua: And the secret of the tennis grandpas?


    Federer: Who said grandpas? Seriously kyrie 1 pe cavalier pas cher , we know it won't go on forever. It's what makes us continue competing despite having to leave the family again to play a tournament. Many retire because they no longer want to be separated from their loved ones. They're not performing any worse but they have been on the tour for 10 to 15 years and maybe say enough is enough. They are just not prepared to be away from their families anymore.


    Xinhua: What about you: The ambition to be successful or the desire for tennis?


    Federer: It's a combination of both, but I like the phrase desire for tennis. It forms the fundament for everything I do. The desire for tennis is also at the essence of everything. Success is also essential, success solves a lot of problems, it' s fun and makes you relaxed. You can fulfill your dreams. Without success, I'd no longer be on the tour especially considering the success I had in the past.


    Xinhua: Despite your new haircut kyrie 1 flytrap pas cher , people are saying this is the best Roger Federer ever. He is playing better than ever and has reinvented himself as a world class tennis player.


    Federer: Last ye

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