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    September 14, 2018 1:31 AM PDT

    Receiving a parking ticket is never a nice thing upon coming back to your car and neither is the fine amount a small one. You can either pay the fine like everybody usually does or appeal the ticket. But keep in mind that you cannot ignore it since if the councils send Bailiffs to collect the same then with each ticket your ignore Tim Howard USA Jersey , your fine amount will include their charges as well.


    Especially with the financial crisis affecting us all around, it is but natural that one would want to save as much money as possible and this might be precisely why more and more people are going for parking ticket appeal. Ultimately what have you got to lose? Nothing except the cost of a postage stamp and the time required to send the mail to the local council.


    Never make the mistake of paying the fine before going for the appeal as this means that you have given up your right to appeal in legal terms. Only if you had paid by credit card can you ask the credit card company to charge the amount back or else go to a small claims court within 6 years of being issued the parking ticket.


    The first thing we have to do is look at the parking ticket. On there it should tell you how you can appeal your parking ticket; usually a postal address and sometimes you can also appeal by email.


    A common misconception that exists amongst many is that the appeal letter is an extremely lengthy and complicated affair. Infact it is the main reason why people do not appeal. However, it just needs a short, simple and easy letter to get your parking ticket cancelled.


    The appeal letter should be easy to understand for the reader and hence must be constructed of simple and easy to understand short paragraphs which are to the point and polite without having nay rude words or technical jargons for that matter.


    Briefly state that you have been issued a parking ticket by mistake and add to your introductory first paragraph your objective to appeal against the same.


    * The driver wasn’t me


    * My car was stolen.


    * The traffic warden was mistaken as the contravention never took place


    * Road markings and signboards were absent


    * It was a breakdown situation


    * I can’t afford to pay the huge fine amount


    There might be a hundred other logical reasons which may support your appeal.


    Proof, especially in the form of pictures work wonders specially if coupled with a few points of law.


    A good idea is to send copies of the original letter and that too via recorded delivery channels.


    If you are still confused regarding how to appeal and what may be the grounds and what are the chances of winning, you can spend hours on the internet doing the research or visit an online company who will not only help you with information regarding appealing a parking ticket but also guide you through the process.


    Help which is personal in nature might be provided by them to you and with this little bit of expert help, there is 100% chance that you would win your appeal. It just needs one simple letter and two-third of all motorists are winning their appeal cases anyways.


    The traffic wardens nowadays work not under the police but the local councils and since parking fines are an attractive source of revenue generation for the councils, the wardens are almost all the times kept under pressure to issue as many tickets as possible.


    So it is but natural that majority of all parking tickets issued do not possess any legal sanctity and hence you have all the more chance of winning your appeal only if you take the initiative to do it in the first place. 70% of all motorists win their appeals and it is high time that this unfair system is fought against so that you could spend you hard earned money on things like tickets to a grand show or a dining experience in a famous restaurant.


    Never ever pay any attention to the privately issued parking tickets. Though they look similar to the usual publicly issued ones and follow up with several threat mails but remember that they can never take you to court. This is because the fine amount they’ll collect from you is lower than the court fees they’ll have to pay.


    Visit the site at, and find out about a successful Parking Appeal. Get more info on how to appeal a Fixed Penalty Notice from here.


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