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Over the past seven years, these four venues have

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    September 14, 2018 1:35 AM PDT

    COPENHAGEN Chaz Green Authentic Jersey , June 28 (Xinhua) -- The Danish immigration laws and policies towards refugees will be tightened under the newly formed government, led by Lars Loekke Rasmussen who took office as prime minister on Sunday.


    "Our cost on immigration has increased significantly, and the number of asylum seekers has risen sharply in the last few years," the government announced in a strategy paper outlining its future policies.


    "We will make sure that a new, tight and consistent immigration policy will ensure an open Danish society for those who can and will integrate in our society. But we also want to close the doors to those who will not", according to the 35-page paper titled "Together for the Future".


    The government's first step is to fast track legislation to make it less attractive for incoming refugees to seek asylum in Denmark, aiming primarily at refugees from Middle East countries and from Africa.


    "We will introduce a new integration allowance for newly arrived refugees and family reunification and people who have been in Denmark less than seven years. The allowance will be on the same level of the benefits we give students", Rasmussen said at a press conference on Sunday, shortly after he introduced the new Cabinet to Queen Margrethe II at Amalienborg Castle, the queen's residence.


    In addition, the government will introduce new and stricter rules for family reunification in Denmark in the near future, probably during the autumn.


    "The requirements will be tightened for foreigners who have less chance to integrate into Danish society. We will also provide new and stricter requirements for foreigners who applies for permanent residence and Danish citizenship", Rasmussen said.


    The government's call for tightened asylum procedures is seen as a gesture towards the right-wing Danish People's Party which became the largest blue-bloc party in Denmark at the parliamentary election on June 18.


    The government aims to reduce the total cost on foreigners with at least 1 billion kroner annually. (1 U.S. dollar = 6.68 Danish kroner)

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    BEIJING, July 28 (Xinhua) -- Hosting a Winter Olympics that are athlete-centred, sustainable and economical has been the foundation of the Beijing 2022 bid.


    The post-Games legacies of four iconic venues from Beijing 2008 - National Stadium (also known as Bird's Nest), National Aquatics Center (also known as Water Cube), Wukesong MasterCard Center and China National Convention Center (CNCC) - are all prime examples of how these concepts have already been in motion even before the inception of the Beijing 2022 bid.


    Over the past seven years, these four venues have grown and developed into the "go-to" multi-purpose arenas for Beijing's biggest events, fulfilling the principles outlined in the International Olympic Committee's Agenda 2020 and setting a new standard of sustainability for the future of the Olympic movement.


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