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    October 10, 2018 7:10 PM PDT
    Chinese version of Serve the People Photo: Courtesy of Chongqing University Press Jen Lin-Liu Photo: Courtesy of Chongqing University Press

    As seen in numerous media headlines cheap air max 90 clearance , German Premier Merkel shopped in a farmer's market and learned Chinese cooking in Chengdu last week, proving once again the popularity Chinese food has gained throughout the globe.


    About this, Jen Lin-Liu couldn't agree more. A Chinese-American currently living in Chengdu, Sichuan Province, she came to China 14 years ago where she started to explore China's culinary delights. For her cheap air max clearance , this exploration was not just about food, but also culture. Putting her experiences in writing, she approaches Chinese food as "a good way to understand Chinese culture and its people."


    Food and people


    Based on her experiences learning Chinese cuisine in China, Lin-Liu published her first book Serve the People in English in 2008. Containing a vivid narration of her adventurous trip cooking around the nation, the book received positive reviews from media outlets like the New York Times and Kirkus Reviews for its artful combination of culinary depictions and observations about culture.


    Now cheap nike air max 90 sale , with a new Chinese version published on June 28, Chinese readers can also catch a glimpse into her interesting experiences.


    Writing in an autobiographical style, the book starts with Lin-Liu describing how curiosity drove her to enroll in a cooking school in Beijing in 2005. Covering how she got her cooking certification, she goes on to tell stories of her internship at a noodle shop and dumpling restaurant, and how she worked as a chef at a high-end restaurant located on the Bund in Shanghai.


    From the cartoon images on the book cover cheap nike air max sale , one can immediately see this is a book about food. Besides introducing some general knowledge about cooking Chinese food, the book also boasts recipes for a number of Chinese dishes.


    However, you'll walk away disappointed if you expect to find the alluring pictures of food that you would find in most cookbooks, as the book focuses more on the culture behind the food and the stories that are inextricably tied to her culinary experiences.


    Growing up far away from her roots, you can see how the author learns about China and its people during the process of studying cooking. Interweaving among her own story cheap air max 90 sale , there are people from different fields and with different backgrounds who also have their own stories to tell.


    Chairman Wang, Lin-Liu's teacher at cooking school, grew up during the Cultural Revolution (1966-76) and now lives a middle-class life after decades of turmoil and privation. Chef Zhang, the owner of a noodle stand, is a migrant worker who tried to open his own restaurant but failed in the end.


    During her journey she met many other men and women who traveled from rural areas to big cities to earn a living. On the whole cheap air max sale , the book uses the stories of people from different walks of life to paint a picture of a modern China undergoing rapid change and transition.


    Most importantly, since Lin-Liu grew up in a different culture, she depicts the most ordinary of things in Chinese people's eyes from her own perspective in a real and detailed way that many Chinese readers should find refreshing.


    Many are the cultural barriers she has had to overcome. For example, she was the only student that would interrupt her teacher to ask questions in class. People never hesitate to ask if she's married and some don't treat questions about salary as something private.


    This perspective gives the book a humorous and special touch, that is sure to make people reflect on the culture they live in.


    Adventurous exploration


    The Chinese-faced Lin-Liu was born to Taiwanese parents in Chicago and grew up in south California. Having roots in the provinces of Guangdong and Fujian cheap nike air max 90 shoes , her parents immigrated from Taiwan to study in the US in the 1970s.


    With a great passion for writing, she came to China after graduating from Columbia University and began working as a freelance writer for different foreign media outlets. Once here, she discovered that she was just as interested in Chinese food as she was in writing.


    Lin-Liu explained at the press conference that she has traveled to over 20 provinces in China, during which time she got a chance to try numerous types of Chinese cuisine.


    Working as a chef in different places enabled her to learn more about the food culture in different areas.


    "I have a great interest in cooking. Additionally, it helps me write articles about food. Knowing how to make something gives me a deeper understanding of Chinese food and its culture cheap nike air max shoes ," Lin-Liu told the Global Times.


    "My parents weren't really happy when I decided to come to China and study cooking. Like many Chinese parents, they hoped that I could find a decent job, like a doctor or a lawyer, in the US," she said adding cheap air max 90 shoes , "Now they understand me and respect my interest."


    In her book she explains that while Beijing is marching ahead, she is marching in the opposite direction, as she remains interested in traditional vegetable markets and the things you can find here in China such as the roving carts where someone can use a whetstone to sharpen a knife for a few yuan.


    All in all she is happy for what she has gained in China - delicious food, good friends and a love and deeper understanding of Chinese culture and history.


    To be continued


    Currently, Lin-Liu has her own cooking school in Beijing - the Black Sesame Cooking School. "It is both a cooking school and a restaurant cheap air max shoes ," she explained.


    The school got its start when several friends and relatives asked her where they too could learn to cook Chinese food. At first she taught them in their kitchens together with Chairman Wang and Chef Zhang for a few times as an experiment.


    "It received overwhelming positive response, so we ope

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