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Rainbow Six Siege Devs Talk Bringing Balance

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    October 10

    Jordan and Harry will be spending a lot of time poking around the revamped Hereford Base map, also. Hereford in its old form was widely considered as one of the weakest Siege maps, but a lot has changed as part of Grim Sky. For the lowdown on the season, check out our R6 Items Grim Sky launch date information. However, for now, sit back and relax as Harry and Jordan present one to Operation Grim Sky, reside.

    September is defined to be a hectic month for Rainbow Six Siege. Between the beginning of several esports events and a new season, there'll be a lot to keep both casual and veteran players enthusiastic over the upcoming few weeks.

    By far the most significant thing happening will be the launch Grim Sky, of Siege's following operation.

    This is a big upgrade to the sport, bringing about an entire overhaul of the Hereford map, fixes to the weapon recoil system, also introducing two big changes to the meta in the form of new operators Clash and Maverick. This week is going to be a perfect time to make the jump from casual to rated mode, when you haven't done so yet, as the whole community will be scrambling to learn all the new mechanics being introduced or substituted.

    While everything will be accessible on September 4 for Year 3 Season Pass owners, Clash and Maverick will not be available for the entire player base to buy with renown or R6 Credits until September 11.

    DreamHack will visit 16 teams compete for a USD decoration pool, also, crucially, a location in the Six Invitational 2019. The only group to have qualified for a spot at the Invitational is the Six Major winners G2 Esports of last month.

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